The  Un-dependent  project  is  about  celebrating  freedom  from substance abuse,  addictive behaviors   and dependency  on  11th day of each  month . We  ask  you  to  stop  for  24 hours  on  11th  day of each month  any  addictions, dependency , addictive behaviors.


Liberate your self and empower yourself to become un-dependent from 
Addiction to food, addiction to sugar, substance abuse, addiction to drugs, addiction to alcohol , addiction to sex, addiction to love, addiction to self – injury, addiction to gambling, addiction to pornography, addiction to computer, addiction to smoking  addiction to prescribed medication, addiction to video games , addiction to cutting, addiction to internet, , addiction to TV, addiction to caffeine, addiction to news, compulsive behaviors any other dependency providing instant gratification on a life term cost.


Models Against Addictions foundation incepted the un-dependent project on 11.11.11. The number 11 is a symbol of global, consciousness and united humanity awakening, is a code, symbolizing the unity of spiritual and physical experience in life.